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Journal of Advanced Research In Engineering & Technology

Issued by : The Society for Academic Research (Regd.)
ISSN No. : 2456-7841
Volume : 1st
Serial No. : 1st
Website :
Launch: April, 2017

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Exploration of Plastic Degrading Actinomycetes from Deccan Trap of Karnataka  Sukrutha.G.K, Abhilash.V.P, Dr. Mousumi Das Vol.1 No.1 1-5 Free access
Progressive Risk Reduction Strategy for Complex Engineering Projects Matthew Cook, John P.T. Mo Vol.1 No.1 6-13 Free access
Production of Streptomyces Melanozymes through SsF & its Antioxidant Attributes Ishwarya R,Harish R, Manjushree C, Prasanna Kumar B C Vol.1 No.1 14-19 Free access
Acknowledgement of Incoming Call of Smartphone in Silent Mode Walking at Flat Ground, Up-and-down Stairways Takeshi Toda, Akira Tomota Vol.1 No.1 20-24 Free access
Review on the Statues of Road Safety in the Developing Countries: Case study of Middle East Countries Abeer Khudhur Jameel, Dr. Harry Evdorides Vol.1 No.1 25-30 Free access
Salt Lake Economy and Determination of Protection Value of Salt Lake in Turkey Dr. Aynur Demir Vol.1 No.1 31-35 Free access
Description of Modification of Armor Protection for Helicopters Selim Gurgen, Seniz Kushan Akin, Melih Cemal Kushan Vol.1 No.II 01-04 Free access
Investigation Of 3D Bio-Composite Structures Using Vacuum Infusion Method Via Chicken Feathers Fibers Macid Nurbas, Hamed Ghorbanpoor, Huseyin Avci Vol.1 No.II 05-10 Free access
Effect of Air Change Rate on Airborne Particles Concentration in Hospital Operating Rooms Keng Yinn Wong, Haslinda Mohamed Kamar, Nazri Kamsah, Fazila Mohd Zawawi, Muhd Suhaimi Deris Vol.1 No.III 01-06 Free access
Comparison of Turbulence Models in Solving the Airflow in a Unidirectional Airflow Operating Room Keng Yinn Wong, Haslinda Mohamed Kamar, Nazri Kamsah, Fazila Mohd. Zawawi, Huiyi Tan Vol.1 No.III 07-11 Free access
Structural and Thermal properties of ion beam irradiated polystyrene/ZnO nanocomposite films Bhupendra Singh Rathore, K. C. Agrawal and A. K. Chauhan Vol.2 No.I 01-04 Free access

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